Julija Vaitiekūnaitė


Julija Vaitiekūnaitė

While working at Juli Ontwerp and being guided by the experienced architects here, I learned that architecture is a challenge of developing a congruent whole out of all the separate functions and forms, dimensions and materials of a design. Every well-made thing combines precise work with efficient process.

After finishing my Master’s in Architecture at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University in Lithuania, I came to the Netherlands to do my internship at Juli Ontwerp. I continued working here, because I am happy by the way I continue growing as a professional. I enjoy being a part of a small office because you have direct contact with all team members. Even though the office is small, the scale of the projects is big. That gives me a wide range of knowledge in the field of architecture.

The most important thing in designing an architectural project is in my view – next to producing all the necessary material (drawings, models etc.) – to create the feeling which you bring to the people who will use the building.

In my free time you can find me traveling. Trips far away or close by; they make me discover new places, people and food, and bring me new energy and ideas.